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Rigs & Seats
CGP Load Cell Pedals CPP Hydraulic Pedals
H2 Hydraulic Handbrake Sequential Shifter Conspit Carpet Glow2 tail-light
FP Formula Posture Rig GT-Lite Rig GT-Pneumatic Rig Seats
Sim Racing Pedals
Tuned By Real Life Racing Drivers
Assure you the real feeling of racecars
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Hydraulic Handbrake
Drift or pull?
Have a good time!
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Unlimited freedom of vision
One seamless screen with high fidelity
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Formula Posture Rig
Complete ergonomics designed
Actual posture of formula cars
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Formula Cockpit
Appearance and functions both covered
Provide 1:1 experience for formula racing
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ABOUT US Conspit is professional producer
for sim racing hardware,including
pedals, steering wheel, rig,
cockpit, also provides detailed
customize solution and
equippment renting.
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